Jun 14


Hello Southern Minnesota Select Soccer Families,

Over the last 5 years, we have tirelessly worked to build Southern Minnesota Select Soccer into a well-respected club, responsible for helping female athletes grow and achieve their dreams through soccer. I am proud of the work that we have done and excited that all that work has brought us to this point. Joining ALBION SC will continue to build on those strong foundations, while providing advanced opportunities for our players and families that we could only dream of before. ALBION SC is player development-centric and that aligns perfectly with our philosophy. That ALBION SC chose our club to partner with in Minnesota is a testament to the hard work and passion that we have done to this point. ALBION SC is the only organization that we would be willing to become part of says everything about them, their program, their staff and the standing that they have in the national soccer community.

This affiliation opens up a world of incredible opportunities, providing our players with specialized training, mentorship, and support to excel both on the field and in their educational pursuits. We are committed to guiding and empowering our athletes, ensuring they grow into not only exceptional soccer players but also well-rounded adults who can thrive in all aspects of life.

Together, we embrace the potential this partnership holds, empowering our young athletes to reach new heights in their soccer journey while simultaneously realizing their academic aspirations. We are grateful for the dedication of our coaches and the unwavering commitment of our young athletes, and we look forward to witnessing their incredible growth as they flourish as both scholars and soccer stars.

Joining ALBION SC is an exciting opportunity for us. The national recognition of ALBION SC will further transition our club from what we are today, to bringing everything to reality that our small club has always wanted to do.

Our opportunities are now endless, those that want to play can and will, our youth will have an even better foundation, our other age groups will be ready to move on to play to get recruited and will have college coaches focusing even more on our players.

Thank you for entrusting us in the past, now, and into the future. 



Rick Rhone, Director of Operations

Nate Birkholtz, BOD President

Scot Field, BOD Vice President