Tryouts coming soon...

We are continually interested in players.  If you are interested in an ALBION SC Southern Minnesota and would like to come out to a training session or take part in an official tryout for your player please click on the link to the right and complete the Tryout Form.

About Tryouts

We understand and admire the desire for players to be on "the best team", but hope that you understand the potential difference between that and "the best team for your player right now". The development path we have created and continue to strive for and strengthen allows for movement of players among play levels. Your player's desire to improve allows for that. Each player goes through the process at different rates. We encourage you not to get caught up in the level of team your player is on and instead focus on the path of their development. The strength of our club lies in the players that fully buy in, fully commit and fully focus on their development.

No matter what level you played at the previous season, please check in to the session of your birth year. Example: if you were born in 2005 and played for the 04 team last year, you will need to report at the 2005 tryout time. Everyone is eligible to "play-up" but we need to get a baseline on who the top players in each age group are in order to make sure the right individuals are selected to make that jump.

You must register for tryouts in order to be  considered for team selection.  No exceptions.
Registering for tryouts DOES NOT bind you to the club. You are only registering for a tryout. Once you have been selected to a team, commit and pay the Commitment Fee (or any portion thereof), then that will bind your player to Southern Minnesota Select Soccer Club for the full Competitive season except as otherwise provided by US Club Soccer Bylaws.

Team Formation Process

With every tryout season, there comes potential for change and great anxiety from players, parents and coaches alike. We encourage you to remember that each year is a chance to grow, to develop as a player, to develop as a person and to develop a passion for soccer. One year can help you get better, but one year won't define you forever. 

The team formation process will be led by the Directors of Coaching, with input from the  Age Group Coordinators and team coaches. Player placement decisions are based on a multitude of inputs, which include winter training observations, in-season performance, and tryout results. 

While every effort is made to place each player on a Competitive team, roster size restrictions and the number of players trying out at an age group may prevent placement of every player. All players must be evaluated for placement on a team. 

All players should make every effort to attend tryouts. Due to the team nature of the tryout sessions, no makeup sessions are offered. Players must attend the tryout for their own birth year.